we care about the maintenance of our equipment , and we have an inegrated workshop , a distinguished technical staff,and a wide network of spare parts suppliers in order to ensure the continuity of work without interruption

we drive the vision from our cnfidence in our knowledge and deep understanding of the heavy equipment industry.charged with customer-oriented spirit,we move towards our vision steadily by customizing needs . with the competent , skillful staff at the core of Awadh Ayedh Balharith Est

to fulfill our client needs and adopting profissional working environment with honesty,discipline,and determination


Safety is one of the most important elements that we put among our priorities and that we cannot be complacent , and we have , for many years, provided the service of renting heavy equipment , we have been working to imprve safety standards in all our work with a safety system that keeps pace with continuous challenges and is in line with customers requirements

Riggers 1.2.3

in our endeavor to develop the safety value of the institution,we have taken care of the function of this Riggers in all their specialties

Protective Footwear

Safety Helmets

Suit Work

Eye Protection